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Saturday Results                    Sunday results

The 5th Annual Adult Extreme Mud Wars at Spa Beach park in downtown St. Pete was another huge success this year!  Selling out at 96 teams with 48 teams on Saturday and 48 on Sunday, we kept on track with last year’s record and allowed more than 900 participants to enjoy the event!  It was perfect weather for a muddy good time over the weekend with lots of sun and a breeze coming off of Tampa Bay, which made the experience even better for everyone.  Teams went head to head and against each other for time in the 8 mud & water packed events which exhausted, exhilarated, and ultimately vindicated the championship teams.  Whether you displayed your speed at obstacle course or your team work at Dodgeball, this contest truly had it all with a variety of challenges.  Mad props to the DJ who did an excellent job of bringing the funk.  Congratulations are in order for all teams who placed in this highly competitive event.  Saturday and Sunday 1st place teams: “Chicks & Sticks” and “Reel Dirty”, 2nd Place teams: “Raw Talent” and “Sofa King Good”, 3rd place teams: “Team Skipper” and “Mud, Sweat, & Beers.”  Well done to all of you!

Hats off to TASCO and their incredible staff for doing an amazing job once again this year…Their hard work and great people made it a special day for everyone!  We also want to thank all of the TBCS volunteers that came out to support the event and your teams!  Special thanks to all the sponsors and charities that participated, especially our title sponsor AMERICA II for helping make this awesome event possible!  Thanks to the Secrets of the Sea Aquarium, Great Bay Distributors, and Southern Comfort for making our favorite beverages available, and Hands4Hope for making shirts and photos available to all.  Thanks to MOR for bringing the crew to hand out prizes and comic con tickets (MOR Photos), Creative Loafing for their exposure, the Sirata for donating accommodations prizes, and TSS Photography for taking some amazing team pictures and donating the proceeds to Hands4Hope.  Additional thanks to Clearchannel Outdoor, 102.5 The Bone, and HOT 101.5 for all of their help in pushing the event.  Lastly, we can’t thank YOU, the participants, enough for playing and helping us obtain the event exposure.  If you took photos or pictures, please be sure to post those online on the Extreme Mud Wars Facebook page and suggest this event to your friends.  By doing this, you will help grow this event for next year, when we plan on expanding to accommodate more teams.  Thanks to you, this year’s Extreme Mud Wars helped raise over $12,000 for the 3 charities and we greatly look forward to improving that number next year!  Be sure to check out our video’s/pictures, tag yourself/your teammates, and pass them on so everyone can see what this great weekend is all about.

We hope to see all the teams back for MudWars ’15. Thank you to TASCO & the City of St. Pete!

 Champions – Reel DirtyOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Runner-ups: Sofa King GoodOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  3rd Place: Mud, Sweat & BeersOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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